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Joseph Ferrandez, founder of SOCMA, a Narbonne-based company specializing in the design and manufacture of wine-making and industrial equipment, located in the La Coupe industrial zone, was the 2007 winner in the "Technological Innovation" category.

The company has been rewarded several times with many prestigious awards thanks to its efforts and know-how. Joseph Ferrandez has been collecting awards and patents since 1997, with his first success: the Turbopigeur® with more than 2,000 units sold worldwide. A small retribution for him, who had his wine equipment distributor's license withdrawn one evening in 1996, like his fellow retailers in the network. SOCMA was about to celebrate its tenth anniversary. History proved him right. Right from its launch, the Turbopigeur®, acclaimed for its punch-down capabilities, won a prize and quickly forced him to leave the 400m² facility rented at Croix Sud. Off it to the La Coupe industrial zone, where a 940m² facility was waiting for him. Soon complemented by 240m² of additional space.

Ten awards later, SOCMA has a annual revenue of €2.7m, employs 16 full-time employees and almost as many temporary staff, depending on incoming orders.

"At the moment, with these earlier harvests, it's boiling hot!”

The workshop roars, rumbles, whirrs, like an overheating engine.

Here the metalworkers are welding, "a rare skill with our degree of excellence."

There, the electro-mechanics, and further on, the plastics engineering station, and, incorporated for lack of a reliable partner, the welding robot (the same as at Audi) and the laser cutter.

All connected to the computers in the engineering and design department. The latest creation: the vibrating destemmer, christened Le Cube®, is already being exported to the four corners of the world.

Discover our story


Mr FERRANDEZ creates his own industrial and wine maintenance company.


Mr FERRANDEZ integrates the sale of winemaking equipment into his action and baptizes his company SOCMA: Société OCcitane de MAintenance. Specializing in the wine sector, he is aware of the material needs of the profession and reflects on his own range of equipment.


Mr FERRANDEZ filed a patent and developed the Turbopigeur®, which made SOCMA's reputation and at the same time continued to research new products, he set up a design office.Noted by the profession, the Turbopigeur® obtained a medal of money at SITEVI. The same year, it attracted oenologists from all over the world and established itself in foreign countries (Southern Hemisphere).


After the success of the Turbopigeur®, recognized as an excellent extraction tool, SOCMA will look into the selection of berries and patent the Egreneur plan, which delicately separates the berries from the plants. It was awarded the same year, at SITEVI, by a silver medal.


The concept of the Plan Ginner is integrated into the harvesting machines, while the Turbopigeur continues to sell well with 230 copies during the year.


SOCMA innovates again: creation of a compact and light packing machine, a full modular belt conveyor, a pneumatic punch and a pendulum conveyor belt. The removable sorting table made its first followers.


Almost 1,200 Turbopigeurs® are in operation around the world and the Égreneur plan has made its benchmarks. A new patented product: the Batonneur dives into the best white wines in the world to keep the lees in suspension.


More than 1300 Turbopigeurs® are operating on the planet. 150 On-board ginners are proving their worth. Carrying out of the first tests by approved organizations: the results are convincing (simplification of the reception chain, 71% of the undesirable matter eliminated from the strain, obtaining much more fruity wines, elimination of herbaceous tastes). Development of pre-series of new machines. Prototypes are being tested for future development.


SOCMA is launching its sorting table. Noted in turn for its simplicity, ergonomics and ease of cleaning, it won the prize for ingenuity. The vibrating hopper with special SOCMA suspension and adjustable bars, takes its first steps.


During the 2005 harvest, 17 winemakers adopted the SOCMA vibrating hopper to sift their harvest. More than 500 grape harvesting machines are equipped with the plan ginner. To be independent, SOCMA invests in a laser cutting station in order to minimize subcontracting. A designer discovers the quality of SOCMA manufacture. The creation of a line of catering furniture followed for opencook and the manufacture of professional kitchen furniture for L’auberge du vieux bien in Fontjoncouse.


SOCMA is reinventing mechanical sorting. In March 2006, a team went to South Africa in Boekenhoutskloof to validate the concept of the automated sorting device which will be called the Viniclean. As of September 2006, 23 Viniclean 5T / H are operating in the northern hemisphere. With Le Viniclean, the company demonstrates once again that it is possible to combine simplicity and efficiency.


The SOCMA team validates the Viniclean 10 T / H in Beyersloof, South Africa.
In September 2007, 34 Viniclean will appeal to customers in the Northern Hemisphere.
During the harvest, SOCMA creates a crate washer (wine and economic interest with its system for recycling used water) and a crate tipper (working comfort for the winegrower).
SOCMA has just been awarded by the Banque Populaire and the Chamber of Trades at regional and national level, the Stars and Job prize in the technological innovations category.


SOCMA is still working on new materials that will soon emerge, in particular a filter project intended for oenological laboratories and winegrowers to facilitate their sample-taking work.


SOCMA creates a new "Vibrating Vertical Destemmer" machine. In order to activate its validation, a machine is sent to Brazil. Faced with customs difficulties, SOCMA will only be able to launch ten prototypes which will be tested throughout France.


SOCMA combines its shredder-sorter and faced with huge demand, SOCMA is investing in two welding robots, a numerically controlled milling machine and more efficient software at the design office for the design in 2D, machining software.


Faced with the success of the ginner-sorter and massive production, SOCMA is investing in a microbeading robot and is looking into the development of an innovative vibrating table to complete its range of harvest reception.


the Socma company is taken over by the children.
Sylvain and Rémi FERRANDEZ.


Socma is developing a new densimetry sorting tool, the Densibaie.


Socma moves to new premises in Montredon des Corbières. The range is extended with the helical rotor pump and the bin tipper.

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A turnkey solution

We are committed to designing turnkey systems tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is winemaking equipment, food processing equipment or any other type of processing, SOCMA has the expertise for your needs.

Committed to customer service

With more than 30 years of experience accumulated, SOCMA has become one of the leaders in the winemaking and food industry. In addition to providing superior quality equipment, we are also committed to the quality of our customer service.

Tailored services

We provide a variety of services in the processing, de-stemming and other winemaking and food processing equipment to a wide range of clients in primary and secondary industries. Our manufacturing facility is located in Narbonne, France.

Expert technical support

You can have peace of mind, we also provide maintenance and technical support on all equipment sold. With SOCMA you can have access to essential replacement parts in just a few days.
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Awards and publications

Ingenuity Award , DIONYSUD
Bronze trophy , VINITECH 06
Oenology Prize, DIONYSUD
Nomination, VINITECH
Innovation 2000
Silver medal, Innovation SITEVI
Silver medal, Innovation SITEVI