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Viniclean Eco Vibrating Hopper ®

Viniclean Eco Vibrating Hopper ®

The automatic sorting tool for grape harvest or destemmed harvest which replaces manual sorting.
le cube

Vibrating hopper

  • Stainless steel box interior width 1100mm including: 1 harvest spreading zone, 2 stainless steel grids (3 and 5 mm) for calibrating impurities, 1 outlet spout, 2 vibrators.
  • 4 shock absorbers linked to the chassis.
  • 1 removable juice collection tray.
  • 1 sieve for separating unwanted material.


  • 15 sorting drums comprising: 15 sets of flexible discs, 15 stainless steel shafts, a device for adjusting the center distance of the shafts by means of a flywheel and a lateral adjustment device for the shafts for optimized adjustment of the passages of berries
  • 1 gear motor.
  • 1 electronic variator.
  • 1 set of sprockets and drive chain.
  • 2 spool spacing adjustment shims.
  • Stainless steel slide at the end.


  • All of the 2 devices are mounted on a microblasted 304 stainless steel frame.
  • 4 braked swivel wheels with rubber tires.
  • Centralized control box on the machine (voltage: 380 V, frequency: 50 Hz, power: 1.35 Kw).
  • 7 m power cable with Hypra 3P + E 16 A plug.
Fouloir escamotable

Fouloir escamotable

  • Large crusher mounted on a stainless steel frame.
  • Triple positioning: active, retracted, dismantled (without tools).
Vis evacuation des dechets

Vis d'évacuation des déchets sur le bac d'égouttage

  • Vis sans fin souple avec moto réducteur et raccordement électrique.
  • Auge inox perforée et microbillée.

Grille en inox

  • Existe en 3 mm, 5 mm et 7 mm d'ouverture.