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Eco Elevator Belt

Eco Elevator Belt

le cube
  • Stainless steel box, width: 500 mm.
  • Food grade PVC strip with curved cleats (width: 500 mm, height: 50 mm).
  • Outlet box.
  • Microblasted finish.
  • Floor-mounted gear motor.
  • Stainless steel frame on swivel castors with stainless steel yokes, rubber tires.
  • Elevation by hydraulic cylinder and manual pump.
  • Power supply 380 V, 50 Hz.
  • SOCMA band detent device for instant and precise disassembly and reassembly.
LARGEUR/LONGEUR EN MM Élévation minimale EN MM Élévation maximale EN MM
CE 500/2500 1628 2082
CE 500/3000 1943 2397
CE 500/4000 2655 3087
CE 500/5000 3308 3742

Special frame

Reversing the direction of travel

  • Available only with electronic speed controller.
Petit fouloir pendulaire démontable à écartement réglable

Small pendulum crusher with adjustable spacing

  • Shelled.
  • whole.
Système pantographe

Pantograph System

  • Reduction of the cylinder stroke.
Système de translation horizontale

Horizontal translation System

Goulotte orientable

Swivel chute

  • Length to be specified.
Variateur de vitesse électronique

Electronic speed controller