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Large Crusher for Ginned Harvest

Large Crusher for Ginned Harvest

Its rollers made of materials that are both resistant and tender, make it more respectful of the harvest by not crushing either the pulp or the seeds.
le cube
  • Flow rate up to 18 T / H.
  • Coated motorized drum.
  • Dimension: 650x460x230 mm.
  • Outlet hopper (length: 429 mm, width: 189 mm).
  • Large module gear driven drum.
  • Special flexible food grade coatings.
  • Gap adjustment dial.
  • Retractable hood maintained by latches.
  • IP 55 electrical box.

SOCMA mat connection support

Special stainless steel frame

  • Mounted on wheels.
  • with special lowered hopper at the end of a vibrating table.

Mobile stainless steel frame

  • With 4 braked swivel wheels with rubber band
  • Hopper to step over a pump hopper or a tank chimney

Stainless steel frame without wheels

  • With stainless steel hopper

Special hopper with connection

  • Ball connection 120 female

Special extension, large model

Handling arm

  • With small inlet hopper

Support hopper on sorting table SOCMA

  • Width : 800 mm

Three-sided hopper extension

  • Height : 250 mm.

Handling arm

  • With small inlet hopper