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The SOCMA Company

Joseph Ferrandez, the founder of SOCMA, a Narbonne-based company specializing in the design and manufacture of wine-making and industrial equipment, based in the “La Coupe” business park, was a 2007 prize-winner in the “Technological innovation” category.

The company has been rewarded on various occasions, and has received numerous prestigious prizes in recognition of its efforts and expertise. Joseph Ferrandez has been amassing awards and patents since 1997, the year of his first success: the Turbopigeur®, over 2,000 of which have been sold throughout the world. A minor setback had come one evening in 1996, with the withdrawal of his licence for the distribution of wine-making equipment, in common with all the dealers in the network. SOCMA was due to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. History has vindicated the company since. Since its launch, the Turbopigeur®, popular for its punch-down* capabilities, has been a prize-winner, rapidly obliging the company to leave its 400 m2 leased premises in the Croix Sud in favour of a 940 m2 site in La Coupe. Expansion by a further 240 m2 followed rapidly.

*Humidification of the marc cap for the extraction of tannin.

Ten awards later, SOCMA is posting a turnover of 2.7 million euros, employ 11 full-time staff and “almost as many temporary staff, depending upon orders”.

“At the moment, with earlier grape harvests, the pace is red hot” !

The workshop rumbles and roars, labouring like an overheating engine. At one station, the boilermaker welders

“displaying a rare expertise, in keeping with the stringency of our demands”

Elsewhere the electrical engineers, and beyond that the plastics processing station – an integrated facility, in the absence of a reliable partner – and the welding robot

“the same as that used by Audi”

Or again, the laser cutter. All connected to the design office computers.
Most recently: a vibrating destemmer, named “the Cube”, is already being exported to all four corners of the globe.




SOCMA is committed to the design of turnkey systems, customized to your specific requirements. Whether wine-making equipment, agri-foodstuffs equipment, or any other production plant, SOCMA has the expertise at its disposal for any project.


With over 30 years of combined experience, SOCMA has become a leading operator in the wine-making and agri-foodstuffs industries. In addition to supplying high-quality equipment, SOCMA also sets demanding standards for the quality of its customer service.


SOCMA delivers various services for processing and destemming operations, together with other wine-making and agri-foodstuffs facilities, to a wide range of clients in primary and secondary industries. Our production site is located at Narbonne, in France.


For your peace of mind, SOCMA also provides service facilities and technical support for all devices sold. Why wait weeks for a foreign supplier to send you what you need, when SOCMA can provide you with access to essential spare parts in just a few days.