The vibrating hopper, with interchangeable stainless steel grilles, permits the distribution of the grape harvest over the up-circuit facilities. It can be used before or after destemming.

Its various functions :

  • Up-circuit of a sorting table, it distributes the grape harvest over the full width of the belt conveyor.
  • It separates and isolates released juices.
  • It separates and removes small particles, verjuice and insects.
  • It can be used to separate the petioles of leaves.

The device comprises the following :

  • A stainless steel frame, equipped with braked wheels, fitted with rubber treads.
  • A stainless steel hopper, equipped with distributors for the spreading of the grape harvest over its full width.
  • Two 3 mm and 5 mm stainless steel grilles, which are interchangeable in 1 minute and secured by draw latches, allowing the user to convert their machine to the application required or the type of grape harvest to be processed.
  • (The grilles can have openings of different sizes, at the request of the client).
  • A detachable trough recovers juices and particles, which are screened through a stainless steel grille.

Benefits of use :

The user can execute a sort function using interchangeable grilles:

  • For the separation of juices, the operator will use the 3 mm grille, and only juice and small debris will pass into the trough.
  • For the elimination of fine particles, such as debris from leaves burned by thermal defoliators, the 5 mm grill will be used. This grille can also separate verjuice, petioles and insects. Where the harvest has been damaged, for example by grape worm, it is possible to separate the sound fruit from unwanted elements.
  • Grilles can be supplied to meet the requirements of the user.
Easy cleaning : the stainless steel grille can be removed in just 20 seconds.
No hidden and inaccessible zones.
As an option : on the juice vat, a detachable worm screw for the elimination of wastes.