Viniclean® vibrating hopper

A tool with oenological benefits

Viniclean® is a tool for the automatic sorting of the destemmed or destalked grape harvest.

It is positioned at the end of the SOCMA Vibrating Hopper. This mechanical sorting device can replace manual sorting.

Its various functions :

At the end of the vibrating hopper, where the grape harvest passes downwards, sprockets drive the vegetable matter upwards, the fruit passes between the disks and is fed down to the grape pump or the sorting table.

Vegetable matter is removed by the belt conveyor.

The device comprises the following :

  • 10 sets of disks with edge-mounted sprockets, functioning as a rotary screen with adjustable speed and clearances.
  • A twin-direction belt conveyor for the removal of wastes.

Benefits of use :

  • Careful treatment of the grape harvest provided by flexible plastic disks.
  • Economic benefit: elimination of manual sorting.
  • Adjustable speed of rotation.
  • Adaptation to the size of fruit.
Easy cleaning :
  • The disk support shaft are easily removable, without the use of tools.
  • The belt is easily removable, without the use of tools, for easy cleaning.
The most comprehensive sorting device on the market !