Careful conveyance of the grape harvest is a critical factor, and a key element in the production of high-quality wines. It is of no avail if the winemaker expends major efforts for the delivery of an impeccable harvest to the grape store if, by the use of inappropriate facilities, it is completely decimated by the time is reaches the fermentation vat.

The winemaker has various means at their disposal: the grape pump, the belt conveyor or the crate. To date, the belt conveyor remains the facility which features the fewest disadvantages.

The belt conveyor is comprised of the following :

  • A self-supporting 304 stainless steel frame, equipped with a hydraulic lifting device mounted on wheels with rubber treads.
  • A smooth or slatted belt of food grade PVC.
  • A special device for the detensioning and retensioning of the belt in just a few seconds.
  • Arrangement of the motor at the base of the belt ensures the impeccable stability of the overall structure.
  • A lightweight housing, free of retention zones, and easily accessible to a water jet.
  • All stainless steel components are delivered with a microbead-blasted finish.

The belt conveyor in brief :

  • A superbly ergonomic work station.
  • Impeccable cleaning made possible by ease of dismantling.
  • A special belt tensioning device permits the release of the belt to provide unparalleled access.

As a option :

  • The suspended crusher.
  • A speed variator.
  • A directional output chute.
  • Special hopper available on request

Option for customized design and production available.