Principles of use :

The upper part (washing zone) can be completely separated from the lower frame, which supports the tank and the pump.
Thanks to this system, the “washer” element can be cleaned and stowed at the end of the season.
Accordingly, the tank and the submersible pump are entirely independent, and are available for other types of applications (mixing, preparation of small volumes, miscellaneous pumping operations).

The device comprises the following :

  • An adjustable frame, of stainless steel construction throughout
  • A washing zone sealed by detachable tarps.
  • A guide system for crates, adjustable and adaptable to all types of containers.
  • A 500-litre polyester vat.
  • A submersible pump of stainless steel construction throughout. Ø50 macon output connector.

Benefits of use :

  • Ecological and economic advantages associated with the recovery and recycling of washing water.
  • Automatic compensation of levels.
  • Independent use of the tank and the pump for various operations.
  • Total drainage of water lines.
  • Affordable price.

At the end of the season, the 500-litre tank and the 30m3/h pump are AVAILABLE FOR OTHER APPLICATIONS