“The CUBE”

Vibrating destemmer

A comprehensive and fruit-friendly operating tool, combining an unparalleled respect for the fruit, ease of use, efficiency and easy cleaning.

This is an entirely new and unique device on the market, which permits the gentle destemming of the grape harvest, by removing the fruit from the stalks, without the slightest damage to the two components of the bunch.

The device is comprised of destemming fingers, which form a vertical corridor along which the bunches pass, driven by disks fitted with flexible fingers; by means of effective vibrations, the grapes are detached and fall, together with the stalks, into the vibrating hopper with interchangeable grilles.

The delicacy of this device is such that raisined and overly-mature berries remain attached to the stalk, which is then removed.

Vegetable wastes are removed on the Viniclean belt conveyor.

The fruit can be recovered, free of any defects.

An unbeatable quality-price ratio !

6 processing functions within 1m² :

  • Removal of fruit from the stem.
  • Distribution over the vibrating hopper.
  • Screening of released juices.
  • Recovery of screened released juices.
  • Removal of vegetable wastes.
  • Recovery of sound fruit.

Options :

  • Worm screw for removal of wastes from the juice vat
  • Destemmer on a foldaway frame, for use in mechanical destem harvesting or whole bunches
  • Detachable crusher, with Viniclean®
  • Special intake hopper

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