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about SOCMA

Since its establishment, SOCMA has constantly developed new products which facilitate the work of the cellarman, in the interests of optimum efficiency. The various tasks associated with harvesting, sorting and cellar operations have been made easier, cleaning phases have been simplified, and the cost of the various operations involved can be controlled.

SOCMA has been a pioneer in numerous fields, with innovative machines such as the Turbopigeur®, for the optimization of extraction operations and exceptionally easy cleaning, the conveyor belt, the belt conveyor sorting table, which can be dismantled without tools in just a few seconds, the special motor-driven crusher, which can be used in various configurations, the flat bed destemmer, which has revolutionized grape harvesting machinery, the multi-purpose crate washer, the Viniclean, which excels in the sorting of the grape harvest, the vibrating sorting table with instantaneously interchangeable grilles, or the Cube, which has revolutionized destemming operations, ensuring that only sound grapes are turned into wine.

SOCMA will continue to launch new products on the market which will fulfil the same economic, technical and environmental dictates.

Wine-making equipment

For the wine-maker who endeavours to produce high-quality wines in keeping with their image, SOCMA can supply efficient, reliable and cost-effective equipment which will provide full satisfaction.

Our products are characterized by their ergonomic design, high-quality finish and ease of use.

A SOCMA receiving line guarantees unparalleled results.

Agri-foodstuffs equipment

The company SOCMA is an innovator in the agri-foodstuffs equipment sector, working for the modernization and improvement of existing systems. Today, the company mainly supplies professionals in the wine-making sector, supplying systems for the conveyance and sorting of foodstuffs, in the form of their sorting table, belt conveyor or vibrating hopper. The company can supply devices such as the crate washer, which permits the deep cleaning of packaging elements.

Design and Decoration equipment

SOCMA produces, designs and conceives furnishing elements for shops and restaurants. All our products are tailor-made, and can be adapted to any constraints and requirements which you may specify.